On the second night of your dream Bahamian vacation, you’re sitting in one of Nassau’s many beach-side restaurants or perhaps at a groovy spot at the world-famous Fish Fry, immersing yourself in the relaxing island atmosphere and swaying to the tropical beat that fills the air. Suddenly, the waitress hands you a menu, and while

All About Junkanoo

Every Boxing Day and New Year’s Day, pulsating rhythms and waves of mesmerizing colors overflow the quaint, cobbled streets of downtown Nassau as Bahamians celebrate Junkanoo, the country’s most spectacular cultural event! Largely influenced by African traditions, Junkanoo expresses the vibrant culture of the Bahamian people, whose profound creativity is best displayed through the festival’s

During your vacation in The Bahamas, one of the Caribbean’s most beautiful destinations, you’ll be in a state of enchantment while wandering historic streets in search of duty-free souvenirs, tasting delicious treats in stunning buildings, and gazing upon stunning handcrafted goods at straw markets. In these picturesque islands, widely known for their many cultural attractions,

From fine dining in lavish hotels and breathtaking mansions to casual meals at scenic beachfront settings and trendy urban takeouts, the 700 picturesque islands of The Bahamas offer a wide selection of scrumptious, mouth-watering dining options, each with beautiful and serene settings that appeal to everyone’s senses. Located on the balmy waters of the Atlantic

Commonly referred to as the jewel of the Caribbean, The Bahamas is a stunningly beautiful and tranquil destination, boasting the most beautiful waters in the world, a plethora of exquisite beaches, and a welcoming atmosphere! Since gaining independence in 1973, The Bahamas, an island nation consisting of over 700 picturesque islands, has attracted millions of