5 Restaurants To Visit In The Bahamas

From fine dining in lavish hotels and breathtaking mansions to casual meals at scenic beachfront settings and trendy urban takeouts, the 700 picturesque islands of The Bahamas offer a wide selection of scrumptious, mouth-watering dining options, each with beautiful and serene settings that appeal to everyone’s senses.

Located on the balmy waters of the Atlantic Ocean, The Bahamas is one of the Caribbean’s gastronomical powerhouses, attracting a vast array of talented chefs from around the world, in addition to world-class, local chefs specializing in native Bahamian cuisine. Because of this sheer diversity, visitors are able to sink their teeth into an array of tasty delights, from Bahamian-influenced gyros to tropical conch salad, all while enjoying the stunning sites and hypnotic sounds of The Bahamas.

After dipping your toes into the stunning, crystalline waters of The Bahamas, you’ll be able to enjoy a savory meal at a restaurant that has the perfect atmosphere, whether it’s a casual beachfront grill and bar or a five-star restaurant. No matter the restaurant, you’ll be sure to receive excellent customer service from staff, who will greet you with a warm, friendly smile and make you feel at home.

To help you satisfy your cravings while in The Bahamas, here’s a list of 5 excellent local restaurants!

1. Graycliff Restaurant

Located in the heart of downtown Nassau, the internationally acclaimed Graycliff restaurant is a luxurious, iconic, and mesmerizing dining spot, offering Bahamian-influenced continental dishes that are served on elegant platters. As this restaurant is set within a striking, colonial mansion, nestled amid a lush tropical garden, it feels like a paradise of tranquility and relaxation, just a few steps away from the city’s glistening hotels and magical casinos.

One of the Caribbean’s first 5-star restaurants, Graycliff attracts numerous celebrity guests who, in addition to delectable meals, enjoy its marvelous swimming pools.

2. Drifters At Da’ Fry

At Drifters, located at Arawak Cay’s world-famous Fish Fry, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy spicy and savory native Bahamian cuisine while immersing yourself in the country’s rich, colorful culture. For instance, after eating a delicious bowl of conch salad, one of the country’s most popular dishes, you can relax and dance to the sweet sounds of rake-and-scrape, the traditional music of The Bahamas. Along with conch salad, the restaurant serves fry fish, crawfish, conch fritters, Kalik beer, and sky juice— a famous Bahamian drink made from gin, coconut water, sweet milk, and cinnamon.

During the summer, Arawak Cay hosts a vibrant Bahamian celebration called Junkanoo, which features dazzling costumes and infectious music!

3. Compass Point Restaurant and Bar

Upon completing your sightseeing and shopping for the day, you can make a stop at Compass Point Restaurant and Bar, where you can enjoy a tasty selection of Bahamian and international cuisine, or take refreshing sips of local drinks as a funky live band plays in the background.

A popular tourist attraction, Compass Point is painted in numerous vibrant colors and commands a stunning view of The Bahamas’ breathtaking, crystal clear waters!

4. Green Parrot Bar and Grill

Overlooking beautiful Nassau Harbour, Green Parrot is known for its delicious seafood and tasty burgers, which have been setting taste buds ablaze for over twenty years!

Considered one of the trendiest places in Nassau, this is a great place to relax and take in the captivating beauty of Nassau, especially after a long, fun day of exploring the city’s enchanting streets.

5. Sapodilla Resaturant

A favorite among Hollywood A-listers, such as Drake, Sapodilla is a West Bay Street-based fine dining restaurant that offers world-class international cuisine, blended with a uniquely Bahamian twist!

With its stunning Bahamian art, lush gardens, and sophisticated architecture, you’ll be immersed in luxury and beauty as you sip on one of the restaurant’s tasty wines, considered to be some of the most delicious and refined in the entire country. After completing your meal, you can take a relaxing stroll through the restaurant’s scenic wetlands, which are home to a wide selection of animal life, including ducks, turtles, cranes, and freshwater fish.

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